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Hello to all. I know it says to e-mail certain people if you to join, but I figured this would be faster. Here's my app.

1)name: (Real Name) Just call me twisted rose...please

2) The character which you'd wish to portray:
-Name: Kat Vasnieak
-Age: 17
-Origin: Chernobyl Russia
-Ability: Acid skin that can burn through almost
anything, venom and acid running through veins, can
spray acid and venom through finger nails, can resist
most forms of radiation
-Appearance: Medium length brown hair, florescent neon
green eyes (sometimes glow), 5'8'', 113lb., typically
wears: blue jeans, black tank-top and gloves, and an
old olive green army coat (all resistant to her skin)
-Background: TBA

3) An example of an entry you'd post:
Kat flopped lazily around the reck. room in an
armchair. She had giving up reading her book out of
shear boredom and began to, with one ungloved hand,
burn holes into a random pillow. ?This is a poor
excuse for entertainment.? She said to herself and got
up to find something more amusing to occupy her time

4) Any specific character traits you'll bring through:
Russian accent, slight sarcasm

***I have been in other x-men RPGs before, so I am
familiar with the atmosphere, setup and other basics.
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OMG!! A person!!! I haven't seen another face around here in...never. This RPG was abondoned when I joined. Finally someone to rp with. Besides me, this rpg is very inactive. I play Rahne Sinclair by the way.
((So I take it I'm in?))
Well...no. You'll have to contact the mods. I'm just a member.