Pietro Maximoff (maximoff_pietro) wrote in xavierinstitute,
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~A Morbid Night~

As soon as Pietro got back to the Brotherhood household, he ran up to his room, locked the door, locked the windows, and pulled the shades down, jsut in case Lance decided to come home anytime soon. Or Wanda for that matter. He had enough issues to deal with without having to be paranoid about Wanda and Lance sneaking into his room to kill him in the night. Or Gambit. Pietro's stomach growled. It was supper time by the McMuffin war was over, and all he had was half of a McMuffin. Pietro grabbed his cd player, put his Bush cd in, and crankd it so loud, it drowned out everything. Even the thoughts in his mind.
I try to never lie, I really do
I wonder if my friends will get me through
it always seems to rain when you leave
I try to stem the flow as we bleed
states we've been through
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